$25,000 Will Help Us Reach 625,000 Women!

We know Planned Parenthood is bad news.

But what if there was a way to reach young women before Planned Parenthood does? What if we could tell her the truth about Planned Parenthood without her disbelieving our voice simply because we are pro-life?

With these commercials, we can.

With your support, we can reach women right where they are, watching their favorite TV shows, and reach them before they get trapped into the Planned Parenthood predatory scheme.

For just 4 cents per play, we can counter the “War on Women” political rhetoric, show her that Planned Parenthood doesn't need our taxpayer dollars, and point her to a place where she can get real help.


Thank you for giving $25,000 to help us reach 625,000 women! Over half a million!! We will be in contact with you soon about which city you want to run these commercials in.

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