Send a Message of Love to a Student Mother in Crisis!

Every week, young women in crisis meet our Students for Life groups on campus and they e-mail us after finding our website online. We give them hope, love, and resources. We do everything we can to support these young women, so they don't turn to those who prey upon them, especially Planned Parenthood.

But we want to have something more. That's why Students for Life is compiling a small book to give to each of these scared, young girls, and we want to fill it with messages from you. Messages that tell them you love them, that it's okay to seek help, and that they are strong enough to get through any pressures they may be facing from parents or boyfriends to abort.

While we certainly don't want to encourage out of wedlock pregnancies, the hard truth is that we've got to be there for these young women.

Because the other side i.e. Planned Parenthood is just waiting for her moment of crisis. In fact, they have built a whole marketing system to do. It's a vicious cycle that we have to stop. And we have to stop it where it's happening…in our nation's schools.

Today, can you write your own message of support in the box below (200 words or less) to a young, student mother in crisis. You have no idea just how much they will appreciate your kind words!